Morning of the Elections: alcohol and money in exchange for votes

  • March 1, 2015
  • News

Civic organization “White Gloves”, together with thousands of volunteers, is observing Elections to Municipal-Councils throughout Lithuania. Since 7 a.m., when the voting has started, till Sunday noon, “White Gloves” has received 29 notices on probable election procedures’ violations. 14 of them were passed on to the police and the Central Electoral Comission (liet. Vyriausioji rinkimų komisija).

Most of the notices were about inappropriate political advertising and examples of political agitation that were established less than 50 meters from the polls. Some voters also got illegal text messages and emails that were inviting to support a specific candidate.

“White Gloves” volunteers found out about probable violations in Alytus, Zarasai, Širvintos and Tauragė districts. According to initial information, there were attempts to buy votes in exchange to alcohol and money, furthermore, citizens were being brought to polls so that they could vote for specific candidates or parties. This information was passed on to the police.

“We remind you that political agitation this weekend is forbidden and we encourage everyone to refrain themselves from any political comments in social media. We also encourage citizens to be alert and make sure that there is no political advertising closer than 50 meters from the polls.  If you see such advertising – inform us”, – said Simas Simanauskas, head of the civic organization “White Gloves”.

The organization contains 300 volunteers with an electoral-observer status and working in electoral districts. Another 700 volunteers observe the electoral procedures next to the polls and check information on probable violations received from the citizens.

*** The 2014-2015 activities of the “White Gloves” are carried out as a part of the project “Conscious and active citizens’ participation in public life”, which is implemented by the Civic Society Institute. The project is financed by the NGO Programme Lithuania, funded by EEA Grants.
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