Everyday we devote our time and efforts to ensure that the Lithuanian citizens are self-sufficient, active members of the political community, and that their voice is heard. We are inviting you as well to join us in strengthening the civil society in Lithuania!


At the moment we are collecting donations for our long term civic education programme Civitas (more about the programme here) in donations portal

Donations can be made here.



Donating money to our organization, you would be contributing to:
  • carrying out research on the state of the Lithuanian civil society;
  • strengthening discussion clubs and civil communities in the Lithuanian regions;
  • diversifying youth civic education.

Ways to donate:

  • by designating your 2% of the income tax to our organization;
  • by donating money via donations portal;
  • by transferring money to our Institute’s account:

Organization’s name: Viešoji Įstaiga “Pilietinės visuomenės institutas”
Company’s code: 300044213;
Account number: LT22 7044 0600 0426 3143 (AB Vilnius SEB bank)