Civic Empowerment Index 2013

In 2013, Civil Society Institute carried out the civic empowerment survey for the sixth time. Its results show that the Lithuanian civic power, although remains low, is slightly growing. This time the survey also evaluated the civic power concentrated in the public sector – additionally to the whole society‘s civic power, public officials‘ and officers‘ civic empowerment index was also separately counted (similarly, in 2008 and 2009, civic power of the Lithuanian teachers was evaluated, in 2010 – the one of the Lithuanian youth, in 2012 – the one of the Lithuanian students.) The survey results reveal that comparing to the whole society, there is more civic power lying in the public sector, but less than in the Lithuanian schools.

The average value of the Lithuanian society‘s civic empowerment index in 2013 was 36 points out of 100. Our society‘s civic power was and still remains low, however, comparing with the previous years‘ results, especially the ones of 2007 and 2008 when civic empowerment index had just started being counted, we can say that although slightly, our civic power is growing.

Main results and conclusions (PDF).

More about the Civic Empowerment Index.

In 2013, the Civic Empowerment Index research was financed by the European Social fund and the Lithuanian Republic budget.

The survey was carried out by the public opinion and market research centre “Vilmorus”.