Civic Empowerment Index 2008

In 2007, the Civic Empowerment Index was measured for the first time: survey showed that it reached 32,7 points out of 100. At the end of 2008, the Civic Empowerment Index research was carried out for the second time by the Civic Society Institute with the financial support from the Ministry of Education. Survey results showed that the civic power of the Lithuanian society did not change significantly and remained quite poor: the Index value in 2008 was 33,2 points.

In this year’s survey special attention was drawn to the Lithuanian youth and teachers. It turned out that the young people, although not very interested in public issues, are determined to take action. Whereas the civic power of the Lithuanian teachers was much higher than on average in the general public – teachers’ Civic Empowerment Index value reached 48,6 points out of 100 and was higher by 15,4 points than the one of the general public.

Main results and conclusions (PDF).

More about the Civic Empowerment Index.

In 2008, Civic Empowerment Research was financed by the Ministry of Education, and the public opinion research centre “TNS Gallup”.